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  • What does my lesson entail?
    You will have a tack up and brush period before your lesson. Your lesson will start at the time given to you, your student will learn the basics of riding from walk, trot and canter through to jumping courses and technical riding application. You will then have a 30 minute untack and brush down period where you learn horsemanship and care for your pony.
  • What gear do I need for my first lesson?
    Long Pants reaching past the knee Boots with a small heel Helmet
  • What clothing should I wear?
    Students need to dress for the weather. Our lessons run full year rain or shine, you may be outside in light rain or bright sun. Similarly, in the winter our indoor arena is not heated, so it can be very cold. Summer: Long pants are required to prevent injury and closed toe shoes with a small heel are required. Winter: Layering is best in the cold weather as the kids will warm up as they work. Warm socks and toe warmers help on the really cold days. We recommend thinner gloves with fleece so the students can feel the reins, with leather or some type of grip on the palm. We want those reins to stay where they are.
  • Where can I buy gear and clothing?
    We have a few tack stores in the area, that can help you get set up with everything you need to start riding. Sprucewood 1982 Perth Line 29, Tavistock, ON N0B 2R0 Greenhawk 15 Sheldon Dr. Cambridge, ON N1R 6R8 Brubacher's Harrness Supply 6377 Yatton Side Rd, Wallenstein, ON N0B 2S0 Pleasent Ridge Tack Store 754 Colborne St. W, Brantford, ON N3T 5L5 Also Facebook Marketplace has lots of used and like new equipment and clothing to help set your student up for success.
  • What time to arrive for my Lesson?
    You should always arrive 30 minutes before your ride time. You will be expected to fetch, brush and tack up your pony, with help from the staff. There will be the odd time that your horse is used ahead of you and you will not have to tack up, but you never want to bank on this, as students miss lessons for a variety of reasons.
  • What happens in bad weather?
    Lessons run all year round regardless of weather. Thunderstorms - As we have an indoor arena, lessons will continue to run. Please dress for the weather as your ponies do live outside. - Lessons will be halted temporarily for thunder and lightening due to spooking risk. Ground lessons will commence for the duration of the thunder and lightening. Winter storms and bad roads - As long as the coaches are able to access the barn, lessons will continue to run. We have students from all over the Tri-city area, some living close and others farther away. If you do not feel safe to travel to the barn; we urge you to choose what is best for you. - In the event of bad weather and multiple cancellations, coaches may attempt to condense lessons or alter times in order to provide the best experience for students. Please make sure to connect with your coach incase your ride time has changed. - Please be aware that make ups still require as much notice as possible so please decide the morning of to guarantee a make up option. Despite bad weather, please be aware that last minute cancellations will not be provided a make up.
  • I am looking to Co-board / Lease / Purchase?
    Pine Hollow is more than happy to help you on the next step of your equestrian journey. Feel free to touch base with Brittney Bellows if you are looking at Leasing/purchasing your next partner. Brittney will be there to help you find exactly what you are looking for and make sure you are knowledgeable and secure with what you are getting. From viewing adds and creating your needs list, to visiting and riding your potential partner. She will make sure you end up with exactly what you need.
  • How many Make-ups per month?
    Students receive one make up per month to be made up within the month. Due to the limited availability, students will be given one option for make ups. We urge parents to be flexible as make ups will be on different days, with different horses and coaches. If you cannot accommodate the make up time, you may have to forfeit your makeup lesson for the month. Missed lessons at the end of month may be forfeit. Please give your coaches as much notice as possible for missed days so they may help you get your lessons in.
  • Cancellation Policy for Lessons
    Lessons require at minimum 4 hours notice for cancellation due to sickness, and 24 hours for other activities. Make ups are not giving for the month of December or no shows.
  • What can my pony have for treats?
    Students must ask coaches before giving any treats to a horse for the first time. Some of our horses cannot have hard treats or any treats at all. If you have been given the ok to give treats you can choose from the list below. Approved treats: Soft Black licorice Molasses horse treats from a tack store Apples (crushed under foot or cut into quarters) Hard Mints Hard horse treats from a tack store Carrots (Large carrots only, mini carrots pose a choking hazard)
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